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Michael Susko of A Fresh Perspective – I absolutely love the two Artists On The Go tables I've gotten. I've had them for over a year and they get used a lot! The quality of the table is far superior to any other like tables, either commercial or otherwise. I'm confident that the Artist On The Go table will be as functional and beautiful years from now as they were the day they arrived.  These tables may be imitated but never duplicated.

I, too, own both the large and the small table.  As a magician, balloon artist, and face painter, I have always wanted my equipment to show professionalism. These tables SHOUT "Professional"!  I've had many comments like "Wow, you must be a professional" when I enter the venue with my kit (table).  The ease of set up and tear down is great! These tables have to be the best thing since sliced bread!

Festival model rolling table by Artists on the Go!

Jen Smith – I should have posted this looooong ago, but, I absolutely LOVE my table! After having actually used it in the field, so to speak, I can say that it has been the single largest time saver I've ever had. The setup/tear down time w/my old kit was approx 12 minutes, with my Artists On The Go table, it's about 3. So, at every job, saving 18 minutes, knowing I can cut down the time between jobs because my setup/take down time is shorter, those are, frankly, priceless. My second favorite part of this table is it's durability. I've already put it through some harsh treatment and it handles beautifully. The wheels have managed over some very rough ground and since I strap my chair and bag to the table, I get everything there in one trip. Thank you for your attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship!!!!

Testimonials: Rave Reviews

Carol Turman, of Dee Vinchey Entertainment
I can honestly say purchasing one of these truly fabulous tables was the greatest investment in my business. My husband is an engineer and a Class-A contractor and he said it was very well built (something I have never heard him say about anyone's work).  I love the fact that I have everything I need in one place.  Also love that I can be ready to paint in about 2 minutes and can close the table in about 2 minutes as well.  The table sets me apart from my competition.

Birthday Party model rolling table by Artists on the Go!

Nora –
These are the most wonderful tables and this is a great sale. If anyone wants to talk to someone who has both the B'day party table and the festival table, I'd be glad to respond to any questions. I've owned my b'day party table for 2 yrs now and the festival table for just under 1.5 yrs. Love them both.

Don't be fooled by the copy cats... This is the best table you can buy and worth every penny. The new bamboo is light weight and very sturdy. I've owned 1 table for 1.5 years (birthday party size) and my festival table for just over 1 year.

As the owner of 2 of these tables (1 small 1 large) I have to say they are the best method of packing and setting up that I've found in 20 years of face painting. Easy to transport, set up and break down. I love mine.