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When you order a table we will customize it
to fit all of the supplies and paint in your kit.

• Legs adjust from 29 in. to 39 in. in 1-inch increments
   to create your perfect ergonomic height
   (Traveler model height adjusts to 25 in. to 35 in.)

• Each of the 4 legs adjusts separately to create
   a level work station when on uneven ground.

• Large rugged wheels to go over any surface
   and goes up-and-down steps with ease.

• Durable construction, hand-crafted in the USA.
  Most components are manufactured in the USA.

• Renewable resources; bamboo plywood,
   soy-based high-traffic floor sealant used to protect
   wood surfaces with NO VOCs.

• Rounded corners to protect the integrity of the
   table and the foreheads of rambunctious kids.

  • Industrial strength Velcro™ with acrylic adhesive
  • Foam inserts for your paints and glitter
  • Plastic box for wipes
  • Plastic box for miscellaneous items
  • Waterproof brush bag
  • 2 thick foam pads to cushion your paints and
    supplies during transport.

Drop Shipments take 2–3 weeks to deliver depending on the current production schedule. Rugged hardware for years of wear and tear..

Rugged hardware for years of wear and tear.

Features & Benefits

The TRAVELER model fits into a large suitcase.

Our Compact unit fits into a carry-onlugguge

Our Compact unit fits into a carry-onlugguge