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Co-Owner Dawn DeWitt

Co-Owner Eydie Cady

About Us

How We Got Started

Owners, Eydie Cady and Dawn DeWitt, are full-time face and body painters who were looking for a better way to transport their supplies and to do it quickly. Out of Dawn's creativity and Eydie's enthusiasm for the product, Artists On the Go was born.

We sell quality handmade bamboo face painting tables that fold up into a case with wheels for easy transport. Setting up and packing up your supplies now only takes 2-3 minutes instead of 10-15 mins, so you can schedule more parties in a day. Think of all the time you will save and we all know time is money.

When you walk into a party with your new case by Artists On the Go, you will look more professional and people will know they hired the right face painter. You will look and feel more professional.